li At HEINEKEN Italy, a new approach that rewards safe behaviour rather than punishing unsafe behaviour led to a 40% decrease in incident and accident frequency. Heineken N.V. 13 Summary Sustainability Report 2012 I I I Accident frequency target for Supply Chain <1.2 accidents/100 FTEs We achieved 1.16 accidents/100 FTEs Safety targets set for non-production- related activities We set reduction targets for all our operations, striving ultimately for zero accidents Employees' Human Rights Policy adopted, implemented and audited The policy was adopted and implementation begun. The audit was postponed to allow more time for implementation Read more about these and other topics such as our refreshed Code of Business Conduct in our online report. Health and safety The main focus of our safety activities has traditionally been the production environment. However, the majority of all accidents within our business occur outside production. That's why we are investing time, resources and energy into ensuring we have a rigorous approach to safety across the whole of the Company. Accident frequency in production accidents/100 FTE for all sites 2012 1.161 2011 2010 1.61 In 2012, ten people lost their lives working with or for our business. Six of these were in Mexico, reflecting again the high level of crime-related violence in that country. We are in regular contact with the relevant authorities to ensure assistance in addressing the violence, and have put in place a range of safety measures to improve security. Among them are personnel training, 'safe cash' procedures and the installation of additional security systems. Our new Global Occupational Health and Safety Policy was communicated across the organisation in May 2012. The policy takes the International Labour Organisation standards and recommendations as a reference to set internal objectives. Employees' Human Rights The new HEINEKEN Employees' Human Rights Policy, which endorses the principles enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation, came into effect on 1 January 2012. The policy lays out 11 clear standards on employees' and human rights, including non-discrimination, forced labour and harassment. As part of the implementation process, all Operating Companies were asked to perform a gap analysis to determine the level of compliancy with the content of the policy. Volunteering and fundraising We encourage all employees to become actively involved in their communities. In 2012, 27 markets were involved in Company-sponsored volunteering or fundraising activities. These ranged from building emergency housing and donating clothing and to beach clean-ups social activities with senior citizens. For this and other case studies relating to Engaging Employees, see our online report.

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