What we said and what we've done* 1 What we said we will do by 20121 What we've done in 2011 Green Brewer Specific energy consumption 155 MJ/hl We achieved 159 MJ/hl and are on target Average greenhouse gas emission 8.5 kg C02-eq/hl for breweries in scope We achieved 8.8 kg C02-eq/hl and are on target Specific water consumption 43 hl/hl We achieved 43 hl/hl and are on target Green Commerce All new purchased fridges to be based on green technology, if legally and technically possible Green fridge policy approved and over 85% of new fridges are 'green' Evaluation criteria for new product innovations introduced in all regions Environmental criteria were introduced into the decision-making process for new product launches Develop and execute a baseline carbon footprint model A global model was created based on the entire value chain Engaging Employees Accident frequency target for supply chain <1.2 accidents/100 FTEs We achieved 1.3 accidents/100 FTEs and are on target Employees' Human Rights policy adopted, implemented and audited Employees' Human Right policy approved Day of Giving programme and volunteering scheme implemented in ten Operating Companies Employee volunteering activities took place in 19 Operating Companies HEINEKEN Cares Evaluate reporting and monitoring system for agriculture All operations that do not meet our defined standard of healthcare to include improvement plans by 2012 In 2010: double funding for the Heineken Africa Foundation to €20 million We are working closely with the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative to develop a food industry-wide sustainable agriculture monitoring and reporting system All operations were inventorised, identified gaps to be addressed in planning actions 2012 We achieved this target in 2010 Unless stated differently. Heineken N.V. Summary Sustainability Report 2011

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