29 Integrity: Code of Business Conduct In 2010, we further developed and re-shaped our integrity function. We partly revised the Code of Business Conduct, introduced an e-learning tool for the Code to support training requirements, and launched an improved case management system. Each Operating Company has its own Trusted Representative, 33 per cent of whom have now received face-to-face training; the remainder will be trained in 2011. Additionally, the 2010 Climate Survey contained two questions about the employee perception of the integrity of local management. We intend to repeat this every two years, in order to suggest improvements and track progress. In 2010 we received 194 reports under the Whistleblowing Procedure either centrally or on a local level. Of these 16 per cent concerned fraud, 5 per cent conflict of interest and 79 per cent breaches of internal company policy. Around 79 per cent of all cases investigated were substantiated. Clarity and transparency via new Employees' Human Rights Policy In 2010, we drafted a global Employees' Human Rights Policy, based on close consultation with our European Works Council and incorporating feedback from an external human rights expert. We also established the current status of employees' rights in our businesses by carrying out a gap analysis. The policy will be introduced in 2011. Engaging and educating colleagues We supported the 2010 launch of Brewing a Better Future with a branding toolkit for all our markets and functions. The programme was also promoted extensively in our internal and external communication, through videos, articles and dedicated events. In addition, we gave the Brewing a Better Future community its own communication platform and laid the groundwork for the introduction of a comprehensive Brewing a Better Future curriculum in 2011. We also began work on an online Sustainability Academy. Safety data on production units Heineken Group Parameters (absolute values) Unit 2008 2009 2010* 2012 Fatalities of company personnel Cases 0 Fatalities of contractor personnel Cases 1 3 1 Permanent disabilities of company personnel Cases 2 4 3 Accidents of company personnel Cases 446 389 431 Accidents of contractor personnel Cases 112 105 87 Lost days of company personnel Days 11,336 11,727 12,469 Targets/ Performance indicators (average values) Accident frequency** Cases/100 FTE 2.0 1.8 1.6 Accident frequency*** Cases/100 FTE 2.0 1.5 Targets accident frequency Cases/100 FTE 1.2 Accident severity** Days/100 FTE 51 54 46 Accident severity*** Days/100 FTE 51 53 The number of fatalities in this table reflects fatal accidents involving production personnel. Data including new comers. Data as presented in 2009 report excluding new comers. Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report 2010

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