Brewing a Better Future, Together Contents Foreword Sustainability online IFC Foreword 2 About this report 6 Milestones 2010 8 What we said and what we've done 10 Brewing a Better Future Brewing a Better Future 12 Green Brewer 22 Green Commerce EMPOWER 26 Engaging Employees 30 Fieineken Cares IMPACT 36 Responsible Consumption 40 Partnerships for Progress 44 Enablers 47 Millennium Development Goals Appendices 50 Appendix 1: Reporting basis 54 Appendix 2: Overview of environmental performance 56 Appendix 3: Global Reporting Initiative Reference Table 65 Appendix 4: List of Operating Companies and Business Units 67 Appendix 5: Independent Assurance Report from KPMG IBC Reference information feVi - i Full HTML of this Sustainability Report with added functionality and features An overview of our Brewing a Better Future approach Downloadable information relating to our six strategic initiatives The sustainability reports of our markets During 2010 we accelerated the transformation of our business and our platforms for future growth. Through our acquisition of the beer operations of FEMSA in Mexico and Brazil, we welcomed new shareholders, new colleagues and iconic brands into our business. We also transformed our approach to building a more sustainable business with the launch of our Brewing a Better Future initiative. This ten-year journey will have a significant impact on the way in which we bring our products to market, improve and measure our environmental performance, contribute to our communities and engage with our internal and external stakeholders. It is a considerable undertaking that puts renewed focus on our need to create value at all levels of society. We shared our new thinking and commitments with our stakeholders last year both in our 2009 Sustainability Report and at our launch symposium in April 2010. What I said then is worth repeating now: introducing this new initiative will not come without its challenges. The fact is that defining programmes and setting KPIs is not enough. The real key to success will be to translate our philosophy into actions that make us think and behave differently. So we are investing a significant amount of time and resources in integrating Brewing a Better Future into our business processes, governance, and engagement models. To help us, each of our majority-owned businesses and our Head Office has formed dedicated sustainability committees. Each has developed a three-year sustainability plan and each has ensured that sustainability is being discussed at the Management Team level.

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