Engaging Employees 'We are committed to delivering a safer working environment with dear and embedded standards in relation to integrity and employee and human rights." Brewing a Better Future Michael O'Hare Chief Human Resources Officer Safety is an obvious priority. Each year, our colleagues suffer fatalities and injuries in our breweries, on the road and in the office. We are working hard to reduce these incidents through training, communication and better procedures. This will be a constant and clear focus for all our management. It is also important that our people work in an environment in which their rights are respected and their talents and contributions recognised, developed and rewarded. Our new Employees' Human Rights Policy, will be introduced in 2011 and will help us to formalise such an environment within the organisation. And in order to make sustainability an integral part of our day-to-day work, we are investing in communication and activities that empower all of our people. This way, they will support our ambitions with action that is both genuine and effective. Occupational health and safety - still work to do It is a matter of deep regret that in 2010, there were 14 fatal accidents in our business. In total, six Heineken employees, six contractors and two other external parties lost their lives. These accidents occurred in Mexico, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Spain, Nigeria and Egypt. To a large degree, the unacceptably high level reflects the security situation that exists in Mexico (four fatalities were related to robberies). This is something on which we are working with our Mexican business and with the relevant local authorities and law enforcement organisations. Of the other fatalities, two were the result of

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