L 100.5 u 111.9 105.4 125.8 125.2 No. t in beverages I No. 2 in beverages I No. 1 in beverages I No. 1 in beverages No. 2 in beverages No. 1 in beer Heineken acquires a number of breweries in Germany and Russia - Heineken Premium Light beer debuts in the USA - Heineken introduces an online e-learning tool on the Rules for Responsible Commercial Communication for employees in the commercial discipline - Heineken Supplier Code adopted - Heineken joins the UN Global Compact, the UN-led initiative, which involves the private sector in solving global issues in the areas of integrity, human rights and environmental care. Heineken publishes second full Sustainability Report and announces it will report on an annual basis in the future - Seven focus areas for sustainability are introduced - Heineken develops a methodology to measure its economic impact - Heineken is one of the founders of the Beer Sellers in Cambodia (BSIC), an organisation aimed at improving the working conditions of beer promoters. Consolidated beer volumes (mhl) Consolidated beer volumes (mhl) Heineken becomes a founding member of the EU Forum on Alcohol and Health A booklet with the learnings from the Skylark project (sustainable farming) is published Heineken begins to develop a methodology to measure the total carbon footprint of its activities Heineken enters into a long-term sponsorship agreement with the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam. Consolidated beer volumes (mhl) Heineken acquires operations from Scottish Newcastle (Western Europe) as well as its minority participation in UBL, India's largest brewer - The companies that were part of Heineken in 2002 hit the 15 per cent energy efficiency target for 2010 Compared to 2002, thermal energy consumption is reduced by 17.9 per cent per hectolitre, electricity use by 11 per cent and water consumption is down by 9.6 per cent The new brewery in Seville, one of the most energy and water efficient breweries in the Heineken Group, is opened The Know the Signs campaign, to promote responsible drinking, is launched. Consolidated beer volumes (mhl) Heineken signs up to the UN CEO Water Mandate - Heineken develops a comprehensive sustainability strategy with objectives for 2020 Heineken launches the Heineken Africa Foundation Heineken signs up to the Global Action on Harmful Drinking The Company framework for integrity is re-enforced through the re-launch of the Heineken Code of Business Conduct and the Whistleblowing Procedure. Consolidated beer volumes (mhl) to\nM*dS Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009

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