About this report This report marks the start of a new era. Over the past few years, we have concentrated our activities and reporting on seven focus areas. The work we have done to develop our new agenda coupled with feedback from our stakeholders has led us to rethink our approach to performance and reporting in the future. Accountability One thing though will remain unchanged: our printed (and online) Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report continues to be a key element of our public accountability (along with our Heineken N.V. Annual Report, company website and the Sustainability Data Sheet that is available online). We follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines and our Sustainability Data Sheet indicates where relevant information can be found. Aligning our reports In this year's report, we have restated our performance data from 2008 in the sections Energy, Water and Safety in order to bring the reporting in line with our consolidated Annual Report. We no longer include performance data on companies where we only hold a minority interest (see Appendix 2). As a result of the change to consolidated reporting, we compare our 2009 results with our restated 2008 results in order to enable a realistic and valid performance comparison to be made. This adjusted scope is applied throughout this report, unless specifically stated otherwise. In the sections focused on performance against our seven focus areas, we show our promises from last year's Report in the section What we said we would do and what we delivered. In this way, we aim to make it easier for readers to keep track of our activities by each area. "Ifeel passionately that our strategy for the next decade represents an opportunity for Heineken to do good business and to do good at the same time." Sean O'Neill Group Corporate Relations Director Our new targets and commitments You can read about our new sustainability framework and programmes in the chapter A New Approach for a New Decade (page 36 and 37) and about our concrete targets and shorter-term actions in Appendix 1: Brewing a Better Future. Best practice, assurance and transparency One of our core beliefs is that data presented and statements made by companies in relation to their sustainability activities should be independently and professionally assured. So, as always, we have asked our external assurance provider, KPMG Sustainability, to provide assurance on the entire report. You will find a summary of their activities and their conclusion in Appendix 4. During the year, we also held two formal management review meetings with KPMG Sustainability. In addition to the work performed by KPMG Sustainability, our internal auditors have been more involved with the verification of local performance data than ever before. This has improved the robustness of the data in line with our ultimate goal of increasing the level of assurance from limited to reasonable. We believe that this approach should be the required standard asked for by stakeholders and provided by companies. We realise that our impact occurs at a market level. This year therefore in order to facilitate greater transparency and better stakeholder engagement locally, additional to this Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report, 20 of our main markets will publish their own sustainability reports. We will make the local reports available on our Company website. Overview Sustainability Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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