Environmental parameters and indicators Parameters Performance indicators 44 Appendices A Thermal energy consumption Consumption of thermal energy in MJ (the corresponding C02 emission is derived from this figure using the WBCSD Protocol) Electricity consumption Consumption of electrical energy in kWh Water consumption Water consumption in m3 Solid waste disposal Non-recycled waste in kg such as hazardous waste, waste water treatment sludge and industrial waste COD load of effluent The Chemical Oxygen Demand of the treated or untreated waste water leaving the production unit and discharged to surface water in kg Waste water treated The number of units discharging waste water untreated in the environment (status of the Waste Water Treatment Plant programme) Environmental accident Environmental or industrial safety accident with off-site effect an uncontrolled event with the potential of harming human life, property or the ecosystem. Specific thermal energy consumption Thermal energy consumption per unit produced in MJ/hl beer, cider plus soft drinks Specific electricity consumption Electricity consumption per unit produced in kWh/hl beer, cider plus soft drinks Specific C02 consumption Fossil carbon dioxide emission (direct and indirect) per unit produced in kg/hi beer, cider plus soft drinks derived from the thermal energy and electricity consumption Specific water consumption Water consumption per unit produced in hl/hl beer, cider plus soft drinks Sustainability Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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