5. Responsible Consumption Our Ambition: That the combined actions of us and all stakeholders result in a decline in levels of abuse. That the beer industry is fully accepted as a legitimate and value-adding player in the development of strategies to address abuse wherever it is evident. That Heineken is recognised as a leading and innovative player in its actions to promote responsible consumption. Development of "Enjoy Heineken Responsibly" to include on trade execution and further extend the online programme Horeca Server Programme developed and tested Retail Programme developed and tested Develop a specific alcohol and work plan for contractors Develop and deliver to 100% of commerce/marketing employees a specific workshop to support our rules on Responsible Commercial Communication 6. Partnerships for Progress Our Ambition: That the beer industry works routinely together with all those who have a responsibility to address alcohol abuse. That means working with governments, retail, police, judiciary, consumers, NGOs, Horeca amongst others to ensure that consumers make positive choices in relation to alcohol consumption. That at a market level and internationally, all relevant associations have the issue of abuse and/or responsible consumption as part of their programming. There is a recognition that the responsible consumption of beer has a legitimate place in a balanced healthy lifestyle. At least 50 Heineken markets have a partnership with a third party to address alcohol abuse Criteria for successful partnerships developed and existing partnerships reviewed Global Actions on Harmful Drinking have been implemented as planned in key markets Industry/Government partnership projects in Ireland, UK implemented and evaluated By 2012: By 2012:

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