"Brewing a Better Future" - A Statement of Intent Our new approach is built on the foundations provided by our three core values - Passion for Quality, The responsible Enjoyment of our brands and a Respect for people, the environment and the society in which we live and work. As the world's most international brewer, and with more than 230 beer brands in our global portfolio, "Brewing a Better Future" reflects our intent, our values, our heritage and the plans we have now put in place for the businesses consolidated in 2009. A Green, Responsible Ambition Green is Heineken's colour and green is synonymous with sustainability. To us, being green is an overarching, all inclusive concept, not simply another word for environmental credentials. It means sustainability across all aspects of our business - not just the environment. Being green is about making a commitment to people, communities and society. And it means working with others throughout the value chain to make a difference. Whilst we fully recognise that sustainability is a never-ending journey, we have defined a long-term ambition "to be the world's greenest brewer" meaning when taken as a whole across the spectrum of our sustainability commitments. To ensure a solid reference point for our actions and achievements, we will measure our progress on this journey through the SAM Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We have worked hard to define our material impact on society and our key externalities. In order to effectively address these, we have set out three strategic imperatives around which we have built our programmes: 1. Continuously IMPROVE the environmental impact of our brands and business 2. EMPOWER our people and the communities in which we operate 3. Positively IMPACT the role of beer in society Core Initiatives In considering our future, we have created 23 programmes that - over the coming 10 years - will bring our words "Brewing a Better Future" to life. In order to focus our efforts, we have grouped the 23 programmes into six core initiatives: Green Brewer Green Commerce Engaging Employees Heineken Cares Responsible Consumption Partnerships for Progress This grouping of activities will be the basis of our sustainability reporting in the years to come. Please see Appendix 1 (pages 38-41) for further information. Enabling our journey To make our journey real, we have taken some significant decisions that will enable us to fully integrate our plans within the business. These enablers will be fundamental to delivering our vision and meeting our long-term ambition. The enablers we have defined are senior management incentives, reporting transparency, robust governance, renewed supplier code and more consistent communication and stakeholder engagement. MMMlou r people and the communities in which we operate: the role of beer Three Strategic Imperatives Continuously the environmental impact of our brands and business: Positively in society: By 2015 ioo% of markets to have a partnership with a third party to help play our part in reducing alcohol related harm By 2015, include a culturally appropriate responsibility message on all brands Continue ioo% adherence to rules on Responsible Commercial Communication Continue ioo% adherence to rules on alcohol at work Partner with industry to address issues of drinking and driving, self-regulation and non-commercial alcohol i Partner with industry to ensure effective self-regulation By 2020, reduce specific direct and indirect C02 emissions from fossil fuels in our breweries to 6.4 kg C02/hl By 2020, reduce specific water consumption in our breweries to 3.7 hl/hl Starting 2010,100% of all replacement fridges based on green technology By 2020 aim for water neutrality of breweries in water-stressed areas Continually reduce and track the C02 footprint of our brands throughout the value chain By 2020, develop the concept of C02 neutral brewery and implement in at least three sites In 2010, double, to EUR 20 million, the funding for the Heineken Africa Foundation, enabling EUR 1 million investment per year thereafter Provide access to free, basic healthcare for 100% of employees and dependents By 2020 achieve 60% local sourcing of raw materials in Africa Aim for accident and incident-free work environment Implement and audit a new employee rights policy By 2020 map the economic impact of our business on developing markets ■5 We have defined 5 key enablers that I will be fundamental to meeting our long-term ambition: Enabling the Journey In 2010, introduce incentives for all senior management on sustainability targets From 2010, every market to have a three year sustainability plan By 2015100% of markets to produce local sustainability reports (20 in 2010) Renewed Supplier Code based on new approach Executive level Governance model Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009

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