A New Approach for a New Decade It would be easy to think that having been recognised by others for our successful approach to sustainability and with the backdrop of the global economic crisis, we would choose another time to review our future commitment to society. But that has never been the Heineken way. Constant innovation on consistent themes to deliver long-term benefit is what we do best. So despite the considerable challenges of 2009, we decided that the time to make a decisive step in this direction is now, at the start of a new decade with a reshaped, more competitive business. And it's also only natural that we would engage our stakeholders in our thinking. Their views on how we might better cover and report on our sustainability efforts have been both invaluable and included wherever possible in our new approach. But as a business, we recognise the need to balance our financial sustainability with playing a role in society. We believe our new approach strikes the right balance and makes positive long-term commitments to investments in the environment, communities, people and partnerships. We will review our progress each year and, as the world and we change over the coming decade, we will be prepared to adjust our approach to ensure that we continue to meet our responsibilities to all our stakeholders. f Brewing T a Better Future To be the World's Greenest Brewer Improve Continuously the environmental impact of our brands and business Empower our Impact Our journey is summarised by Our long-term ambition is We have built our programmes around three strategic imperatives We have grouped our 23 programmes into 6 core initiatives Governance, Senior management incentives, Reporting transparency, Supplier code, Communication engagement Ten Years Ahead people and the communities in which we operate Positively the role of beer in society Green Brewer Green Commerce Engaging Employees Heineken Cares Responsible Consumption Partnerships for Progress Sustainability Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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