Caring for the community In 2009, we received 34 reports under the Whistleblowing Procedure either centrally or on a local level. Of these, 47 per cent concerned fraud; 21 per cent Conflicts of Interest; 6 per cent supply chain responsibility; and the remaining 26 per cent other issues, such as breach of Company policy or harassment. Around 50 per cent of all cases investigated were substantiated. We received no reports concerning breaches of our anti-corruption policy. Conduct four economic impact assessments In May 2009, we concluded an EIA study for Nigerian Breweries. The study showed that in the entire Nigerian economy, 637,000 jobs are related to (although not entirely dependent on) the presence of Nigerian Breweries. Approximately 415,000 jobs exist within the value chain, the bulk of which are in agriculture and trade (97,000 and 268,000 respectively). The large number of jobs in agriculture is related to Nigerian Breweries' substantial sorghum procurement (60,000 tons, which accounts for 0.5 per cent of Nigeria's total production) and the inefficiency of agricultural production. In October 2009, we concluded an Economic Impact scan for all our Operating Companies in the European Union (63 breweries). This study showed the following results: Heineken operates 63 breweries in 19 countries across Europe A total of 495,000 jobs are directly or indirectly related to the production and sale of beers The total value-added attributed to the production and sale of our beers in Europe is estimated at approximately EUR 11.65 billion The total revenues for the national governments are estimated at approximately EUR 11.89 billion The annual expenditure of Heineken on goods and services is worth EUR 3.25 billion In December 2009, we commissioned a full EIA study for our operation in Croatia, which will be completed in February 2010. I HH Iva Prekratic In 2009, Karlovacka Pivovara enhanced its community initiatives by inviting charities, organisations and individuals from the Karlovac region to apply for support for their projects. The brewery, which is a member of the Heineken Group, invited applicants for any humanitarian, sports or social initiative that meets the cultural, educational and environmental needs of the region. In total, 255 funding requests were received. "We've always been very involved in community programmes but this was the first time we've run a donation tender system," says Iva Prekratic, Corporate Communications Assistant at Karlovacka Pivovara. "The goal is to make our donation system transparent and accessible to quality local initiatives. It has also raised our awareness of the concerns and issues that affect people in the community." Prominent local figures were invited to sort through the first round of applications, utilising their subject expertise. Following this, Heineken employees had the opportunity to put their opinions forward, before the tender project team made their final proposal to the management team at Karlovacka Pivovara. They supported 43 projects, donating EUR 109.590 (800,000 Kuna), which was distributed amongst them. The chosen organisations included a sports association that needed new balls for a range of sports, from table tennis to basketball. Another initiative involved the stocking of a school library with books. Financial assistance was also given to an organisation which offers therapeutic riding for children with special needs. "The project was a huge success and we're delighted with the response we had," adds Iva. "We tried to communicate it as widely as possible through the local media and held a press conference to announce the tender programme. As such, our community involvement is now a more structured and transparent process and this has benefited all sides." During 2009, some of the supported projects were also publicised to allow organisations to present the work they do generally, as well as highlighting their tender project and the brewery's role in it. Following this success, Karlovacka Pivovara intends to run another community tender programme in the first quarter of 2010. Heineken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009 35 Corporate Communications

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