Breast cancer prevention Spain Increase the amount of money invested in local communities In 2009 we increased by 9 per cent the investment in our markets. We invested a total of EUR 5.8 million on non commercial sponsorships to support local communities around the world. These activities range from the sponsorship of local cultural events to financial assistance and training. The total amount excludes employee time and employee giving and the use of facilities. Perform base measurement on employee rights We have discussed our draft employee rights policy with human resources experts to formally adopt this revised policy in early 2010. Employee rights are included in our future programming. For an overview of our planned activities, please refer to our last chapter and Appendix 1 of this report. Roll out training on Code of Business Conduct and Whistleblowing Procedure We took a number of measures to reinforce integrity within Heineken in 2009. Firstly, we have revised our Whistleblowing Procedure to take into account new insights concerning the protection of personal data. We have also amended our Code of Business Conduct to include a mandatory disclosure of interests by senior managers. We have developed online training tools for employees on the Code of Business Conduct and on Whistleblowing for local Trusted Representatives and senior management, which will be implemented in early 2010. Furthermore, we have changed our external hotline provider in order to facilitate web-based reporting alongside reporting by freephone and to create a better registration and traceability of reports filed under the Whistleblowing Procedure. Finally, we have re-launched the Code of Business Conduct in a booklet to all employees from middle management upwards. Performance Our impact on society Diego Antofianzas Sponsorship Director An estimated 50,000 women participated in 'La Carrera de la Mujer' or 'The Race for a Cure', held in eight cities across Spain during 2009. The race was co-sponsored by Buckler, Heineken's non-alcohol brand in the market. The races aim to raise awareness for the prevention of breast cancer by encouraging women to look after their health and remind them to have regular check-ups. Each racer represented a 2 euro contribution towards the efforts of the Spanish anti-cancer association (AECC). The number of participants in 2009 was a 25 per cent increase compared to the race the previous year, due to the increased support and publicity provided by Buckler and other partners. Buckler created various initiatives that were backed by local celebrities and politicians, including launching an exclusive pink can to raise awareness for the event. Buckler also set up an interactive website with useful information about the race, health tips and training routines, as well as providing the opportunity for participants to download photographs of themselves at the event. "This race empowers women across Spain to support the fight against breast cancer and ensure their health is always the top priority," says Diego Antofianzas, Sponsorship Director at Heineken Spain. "The successful promotion of this event is reflected in the unprecedented number of participants who joined this year." Diego is confident the race will be even bigger next year thanks to the positive impact it has had on Spanish society in highlighting the need to fight against this disease. 34 Sustainability Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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