Our impact on society We aim to maintain uniform minimum standards of conduct regardless of where we operate. In addition, we want to be an integral part of the societies where we conduct our business so that we actively contribute to the development of those societies. Contributing to communities Wherever we operate, our aim is to become a value-adding and integral part of those communities. This means actively participating in and contributing to everyday life. We do this in a variety of ways: our people contribute their time to support and run local groups; we donate money to specific causes; we use our products in appropriate settings and events to help raise or save money and we use our facilities in times of need. We also know that to create a positive impact on society, we must maintain uniform, minimum standards of conduct regardless of where we operate. Our Code of Business Conduct guides all our employees in delivering these standards, and our Economic Impact Assessments allow us to measure the economic contribution we make to a market. What we said we would do and what we delivered Continue to address the issue of beer drinking amongst Beer Promoters in Cambodia In 2009, we continued to improve the working conditions of female beer promoters in Cambodia by focusing on points of concern that came to our attention following a 2008 audit. We increased the base salary by 8 per cent and continued to deliver the commitments we made in terms of health testing, Performance

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