Are you 18? Maintain our current level of partnerships The number of our responsible consumption partners increased from 30 in 2008 to 33 in 2009. Following an evaluation of our partnerships we decided to develop success criteria. These will allow us to obtain better insight and to allow our partnerships to mature. We will start using the criteria in 2010 to measure our partnerships. Further expand responsibility activities to local brands (through sponsorships and in commercial communication) Apart from the top 10 brands mentioned above, a significant number of our local brands are engaged in responsibility-related activities such as Soproni, Zagorka, Zipfer, Gulder and Mutzig. The activities entail the introduction of responsibility messages on labels and packaging, the launch of dedicated websites with information on how to consume responsibly or the integration of responsibility at events. We also ran a number of drink-drive activities in patnership with these brands. Secure compliance with new Cool@Work programme initiative We updated communication to our markets on our Cool@Work programme and clarified what is expected of them in terms of 'refresher' activities. In 2009, 80 per cent of our Operating Companies complied with the Cool@Work provisions. Introduce Cool@Work in operations that were acquired in the course of 2008 Cool@Work was introduced in Finland, Belgium, Portugal and the UK. Our goal is to 1 drinking," adds remind people but mainly to p age of 18."

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