Online counselling and advice in Romania Romania Livia Bucatica Performance Responsible consumption "Heineken Romania decided to support ALIAT in this project as we passionately believe that alcohol should always be consumed responsibly," says Livia Bucatica, Corporate Relations Specialist at Heineken Romania. "This website, conceived and managed by specialists in mental health, will provide effective and accessible advice and treatment for excessive consumption. We expect it to produce positive results." Corporate Relations Specialist Heineken Romania has partnered with addiction counselling group ALIAT to fund and launch the country's first ever counselling and e-health website: The site raises awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and offers a range of free tools for people affected by alcohol misuse. Alcohelp, which aims to reach one million Romanians, was developed by ALIAT with the support of Heineken Romania. ALIAT's team of mental health professionals will manage the site. went live in November and attracted around 450 unique users within the first month. This will increase as the service is publicised nationally. The online platform is free, easy to use and guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of anyone who uses it. Visitors to the website are expected to benefit in a variety of ways: for young adults, the focus will be on preventing alcohol misuse; for 25 to 44 year olds, the programme will take a curative approach, offering advice to those drinking excessively; and for older visitors, the platform will function as a gateway to specialised addiction treatment. "We believe the website will reach a new, internet-savvy audience, for those who choose not to go to the doctor or those who cannot easily get to one," explains Livia. "It's the first website of its kind in Romania and we hope it will offer advice, education and support to anyone suffering from alcohol-related problems."

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