Unit information on glasses in the UK PINT Review and adapt our international media campaign (www.knowthesigns.com) Our Know the Signs campaign, launched in 2008, has been reviewed and the adjusted campaign was launched in November 2009. The campaign is globally accessible via the website www.knowthesigns.com. To date, eight markets, including Romania, USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy, have also launched the revised online drive as a dedicated part of the brand campaign. On 3 December 2009, we submitted this revised campaign as a formal commitment to the EU Forum on Alcohol Health. Upgrade our online refresher course for the Rules on Responsible Commercial Communication for all relevant marketing and sales staff We updated our e-learning tool, which we use in conjunction with workshops, to continuously train all decision-making employees within the Group's commercial communication and marketing teams. At the end of 2009, we sent this tool to approximately 1,200 employees in this target group. The response rate was more than 90 per cent. Those who did not complete the training will be approached individually so that they understand its importance and know the content in order to make informed creative and commercial decisions. Promote and update the learning tool for the Rules for Responsible Commercial Communication to ensure that new employees learn and understand our policy Through our intranet, we have made all our previously used online training courses on compliance with the Rules for Responsible Commercial Communication available to our marketing and sales teams. Develop workshops and ensure compliance Overall, there is a high level of compliance with the Rules for Responsible Commercial Communication across the Group. Responsibility was built into the Heineken brand workshop and we will develop a workshop module that is focused on the responsibility in commercial communication as part of our future approach to responsible consumption activities (see also Appendix 1). United Kingdom FOSTER' Mark Given Brands Director In November 2009, Heineken UK launched a new pint glass for Foster's, its best-selling lager, that encourages responsible drinking by displaying alcohol unit information on the side. The glass is specially designed to provide consumers with a superior drinking experience. "Our goal is to make drinkers more aware of the alcohol units contained in one pint," explains Mark Given, Brands Director at Heineken UK. "Every time a customer buys a pint of Foster's in this glass they will be able to clearly see the alcohol unit information. We hope this will educate and encourage them to make sensible choices." The aim is to deliver more than 1.8 million of the glasses into pubs and clubs by March 2010, and 4 million by the end of the year. Heineken UK plans to introduce alcohol unit information on branded glassware for other beer and cider brands during 2010. "We led the way in promoting responsible drinking by displaying messages and alcohol consumption guidelines on our packaged beer and eider ranges," adds Mark. "Now, with this new glass, we're extending this to consumers of our draught products." The glass intends to inform consumers on the quantity of alcohol they are consuming while enhancing the drinking experience by providing a pint that looks lively and creates excellent head retention. In testing, over 80 per cent of consumers said the glass would make Foster's a brand they would like to be seen drinking and a beer they would recommend to friends. eken N.V. - Sustainability Report 2009 29

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