Responsible consumption Beer is part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and has been for thousands of years. A such, it provides enjoyment to a vast majority of consumers worldwide. However, a minority of consumers do not drink responsibly and this requires us to be active in the promotion of responsible consumption. Playing our part to reduce harm Society is routinely confronted with the negative aspects of alcohol when it is abused or misused and as one of the world's leading brewers, we are committed to playing our part in reducing alcohol-related harm. Wherever we can, we do so in conjunction with industry groups, governments, NGOs, third parties, consumer groups, police forces, legislators, retailers, Horeca owners and community groups - all of which have their role to play. We believe that working together to address specific aspects and incidence of abuse is the only way to effectively tackle the negative impact this has on society and individuals. What we said we would do and what we delivered Build 'responsibility' into the brand architecture of our top to brands Two years ago, we embedded the concept of responsibility into the Heineken and Amstel brand architecture. Many brands, including our top 10, have since followed this example by introducing a responsibility message on their primary and secondary packaging, launching dedicated websites, including responsibility messaging in commercial communication or by engaging in responsibility activities, such as "drive alcohol-free" campaigns. As not all brands have a formal architecture, responsibility can not be formally embedded within all the brands' DNA. However, we make sure that we monitor our brands' activities in this respect so that the objective - clear responsibility messaging to the consumer - is met. Performance

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