Agriculture Beer is a natural product. It can not be brewed without crops. The quality and availability of these crops are of strategic importance to Heineken. Quality crops at a fair price We brew beer with natural ingredients and use the highest quality cereals, predominantly barley, for brewing, and hops for flavour and bitterness. For the continuity of our business, we need access to sufficient, high quality raw materials at an acceptable price. Our partners, the farmers that grow the crops and the maltsters that malt the barley, need to be sure that we pay them a fair price and support them over the long term. Making a commitment towards greater local sourcing and providing agricultural training and support, empowers local farmers economically (greater guaranteed sales and better crop yield) and reduces both the cost and environmental impact for Heineken. What we said we would do and what we delivered Translate the outcomes of the Skylark project to specific sustainability requirements and a suitable governance model A new tool has been developed using the ten indicators that were developed in the Skylark project. This tool, called the Malting Assessment System for Sustainable Agriculture (MASSA), is designed to follow the activities of our suppliers in the area of sustainable agriculture. It will be used for barley, apples and hops. In the context of our future approach to agriculture, we will develop a governance system to enable us to structurally analyse and improve the ecological performance and impact of our raw materials suppliers. Performance

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