Safety We have a resposibility towards our employees, visitors and neighbours. We believe that at all times they should be safeguarded from accidents happening. Therefore we pay considerable attention to safety. Building a culture of safety at work It is essential that people who come to work at or who live near a brewery, malting, cider plant or soft drink plant are safe. To this end, we have programmes aimed at accident prevention, including training and the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE). We maintain and demand high standards of safety in and around our installations. What we said we would do and what we delivered Heineken Africa and the Middle East will pronounce 2009 as the year of health and safety for the region In 2009, specific attention was paid to our operations in Africa and the Middle East to ensure that safety performance matched that of other regions. Awareness was raised by job safety training and on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Operating Companies were encouraged to expand Occupational Health and Safety efforts to employees outside the production area, to include the registration of incidents and accidents and give attention to road and vehicle safety. Overall safety performance As a result of the change to consolidated reporting (see page 2), we have restated our 2008 safety results in order to enable a valid performance comparison to be made. In 2009, the accident frequency for company personnel was 1.5 accidents per 100 FTEs compared with a restated 2008 figure of 2.0 accidents per 100 FTEs. This is a significant improvement. The increased safety awareness through the worldwide implementation of the TPM safety pillar, as well as the wider availability and use of PPE, contributed significantly to this improvement. Our production units in Ijebu-Ode (Nigeria), Patras (Greece), Zipf and Klagenfurt (Austria) contributed significantly to this positive trend. Performance

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