Water Access to sufficient clean water is vital to our business. We use water as an ingredient and for cleaning purposes. We aim to clean our waste water prior to giving it back to the eco-system. Scarce and valuable Water is a valuable and in some cases scarce commodity for the communities in which our breweries are located. Therefore, we are active in our efforts to define areas of water scarcity and make lowering our consumption in these areas a priority. Wherever we operate, we aim to clean our waste water prior to discharging it back into the eco system, either via our own waste water treatment plants or through those of the local authorities. What we said we would do and what we delivered Sign and support the UN CEO Water Mandate On 20 March 2009 Jean-Francois van Boxmeer signed a letter to the United Nations confirming Heineken's endorsement of this important initiative. The requirements of the UN CEO Water Mandate have been integrated within our new approach. Redefine the scope of and approach to our water and climate programme for 2010 - 2020 Water is a key area within our new plans to 2020. You can read about our new sustainability framework and progress in Appendix 1: Brewing a Better Future (pages 38-41). As a result of the change to consolidated reporting (see page 2), we have restated our 2008 water results in order to enable a valid performance comparison to be made. In 2009, our total specific water consumption was 4.8 hectolitres of water per hectolitre of beer, soft drink and cider (hi water/ hi beer). Compared with a restated 2008 figure of 5.1 hi water/hi beer, this is an improvement but slightly behind our target of 4.7 hi water/hi beer for 2009. Performance Sustainability Report 2009 - Heineken N.V.

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