TAPB LAUNCHES REUSE BOTTLE CAMPAIGN TO PROMOTE RECYCLING— 5^ WWW.HEINEKENINTERNATIONAL.COM/IMPACTONDEVELOPINGMARKETS THAILAND Chronic diseases though are becoming more prevalent, driven by similar risk factors that exist in more developed markets. We used this information to design a module that outlines concrete interventions that will enhance the health and well-being of our employees. In October 2008, Heineken Health Affairs organised a global health conference in the Netherlands. Company doctors from around the globe were able to exchange best practices and receive training in new ways of treatment. Beer promoters The Beer Selling Industry Cambodia (BSIC) has defined clear standards for the safety of women beer promoters in Cambodia. It was established two years ago to confirm and codify the significant improvements in working terms and conditions that signatories to the agreement had made since 2002. It is also a platform on which further improvements continue to be made. However, the BSIC Code is not mandatory for all companies that sell beer in Cambodia. As a result, only six of the more than 20 companies that use beer promoters in Cambodia have signed the agreement: Heineken, Asia Pacific Breweries, Carlsberg, Guinness, CBL and Cambrew. In real terms, this means that only one quarter of all beer promoters employed in Cambodia are covered by the programme. In order to achieve a significant step in changing the conditions for the 75 per cent of promoters who are currently not covered by the Code, it is essential that those beer businesses who have not signed the Code yet, do so. In discussions with industry players, and stakeholders on the issue, this is high on our agenda. In the interests of balanced reporting, an independent audit into the BSIC Code was conducted in 2008. It highlighted the fact that in some areas we have still not fully delivered on the policy that is in place. We will therefore take these as the areas in which we have to improve in 2009. As a sign of our commitment, in some more remote locations where we are not able to guarantee delivery of the Code to a HEINEKEN N.V. SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2008 27 Important diseases in Heineken Sub-Saharan Africa in number of cases 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Existing diabetes cases per 1,000 beneficiaries Existing hypertension cases per 1,000 beneficiaries New HIV case per 1,000 employees New malaria cases per 1,000 beneficiaries New TB cases per 1,000 beneficiaries

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