About this report Heineken published its first Sustainability Report in 2000 with the intention of making the report a bi-annual publication. In 2006, we committed to producing an annual sustainability report in order to more effectively and transparently track our progress. This is our second annual Sustainability Report. In last year's report we explained our decision to focus our sustainability activities on seven areas: Energy: consumption and C02 emission Water: our consumption and waste-water discharge Safety: of our employees and our installations Agriculture: the quality and availability of raw materials Supply chain responsibility Responsible beer consumption Impact on developing markets This report, as with last year's report is structured around these areas. It is our intention to maintain these focus areas for the years to come, but we have also committed to keeping them under review and discussion with our stakeholders. In addition, we have also indicated that our Sustainability Report would contain our targets, strategy, and activities in the reporting year and the performance that was achieved by these actions. More static information such as the content of policies or the description of management systems is provided on our company website (www.heinekeninternational.com). Information on performance relating to aspects outside the seven focus areas is given in our Sustainability Data Sheet that is downloadable from the same website. This data sheet also serves as a GRI table to this report and our Annual Report 2007. The 2007 Sustainability Report has been compiled using information sourced through our environmental and social data systems. The scope of the information presented and any relevant remarks about the reliability of data is included in the introduction to every chapter. Dialogue During 2007, we actively sought feedback from a number of our stakeholders (more specifically employees, people from the investment community and some NGOs) on our previous report. In general, the report and the way in which we have defined our agenda were viewed positively. Some points of potential improvement were raised by stakeholders to which we have tried to respond in this report. These changes in approach and information are set out below. a. Compared with last year, we have opted for a uniform approach to all chapters: This layout consists of: A short introduction A re-statement of our objectives for that particular focus area The overall strategy we pursue to reach these objectives The activities we have undertaken in the reporting year to reach our objectives Our performance in the year against objectives What we will do in 2008 to further build on our performance To help bring the subject 'to life' we have also included one or more short case studies for each focus area. b. We have re-introduced commentary on our Code of Business Conduct and whistle blowing procedure in the chapter 'Impact on developing markets'. c. Some stakeholders noted that, especially in the area of energy, we sometimes indicated in the past that we did not meet our targets due to the effect of new acquisitions. These stakeholders wondered if we could quantify this aspect. To Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report 2007

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