Impact on developing markets symposium What we said m Access to Health Care 31 Corporate citizenship 34 Employee rights 35 Business ethics 35 Local economic impact 38 Millennium development goals 38 on responsibility of the private sector in resource poor settings Initiate independent monitoring of the Selling Beer Safely programme aimed at beer promoters in Cambodia Encourage HIV/AIDS testing of beer promoters in Cambodia and facilitate free treatment to those promoters who are in need of it Roll-out of the Community Involvement Database aimed to improve the impact of operating company spend on community involvement initiatives Execution and evaluation of Employee Rights pilot project and finalisation of the preparatory phase Execution of at least one more Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) within Heineken Participation in the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) project from NCDO and DSR to measure the contribution of private sector companies to the realisation of the MDGs. Heineken operates in a wide range of markets. One of our challenges is to run our business in compliance to our own Values and Business Principles and in accordance with what can be expected from a reputable company. It is often a belief that in developing markets, international companies do not get the balance right between taking and giving benefit. Increasingly, as we and others develop and implement tools which better allow us to assess this, we are finding out the facts so that we can take action if we see that the balance is not right. The information in this chapter relates to operating companies where Heineken holds a majority share and has management control, unless it is clear from the context that it only relates to the specific companies mentioned in the relevant paragraph. The information in the paragraph 'Access to Health Care' mainly relates to our activities in Sub- Saharan Africa. Access to Health Care Our objectives Heineken believes it is important that our employees are in good health and safe when performing their duties. We therefore endeavour to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries, such as damage to the back caused by wrongly lifting loads or hearing impairment caused by protracted exposure to noise. We also aim to safeguard access to adequate basic health care. The consequence is that in countries where the government or private parties do not provide health care of a certain basic quality, we see a role in providing it ourselves to our employees and their direct dependents. Finally, it means that we want to ensure a safe working environment, for all those we employ either directly or indirectly, for example, the Beer Promoters (BPs). Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report 2007

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