Responsible beer consumption 'e More partnerships and more targeted What we said 26 Our objectives 26 Our strategy 26 Activities and performance 2007 28 What we will do in 2008 30 to prevent alcohol abuse Full compliance with our Cool@Work programme by all operating companies that were part of our consolidation in 2004 and adequate progress in operating companies that were acquired later than 2004 Further improvement, renewal and implementation of our electronic learning tool for responsible commercial communication Relaunch of the Enjoy Fleineken Responsibly website with a more engaging visual design aimed to attract more visitors to the valuable information on responsible beer consumption Make our commitment to responsible consumption more concrete and visible than before Continue our outreach to governments on the (joint) promotion of responsible beer consumption. - - Drinking beer can be, and in most cases is, a positive part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Millions of people around the world enjoy good quality beers. In many countries beer brewing, and the enjoyment and appreciation of beer, is a centuries-old tradition which forms an important part of the cultural heritage of many nations. Flowever, when consumed at the wrong moment, for the wrong reasons or in too large a quantity, there is the potential for a negative impact on societies in general and on individuals. These impacts can range from health issues to personal injury; from noise and nuisance to violent conduct. It is our view that as a responsible brewer we have to be a part of the debate and a part of the solution to these sort of issues and we are increasing our actions and our resources in order to do that. Our objectives Fleineken is committed to playing its part in reducing all types of alcohol-related harm. We understand the responsibility we have as a brewer towards society. In particular, we believe that the informed individual is responsible for his or her own choices and drinking behaviour so one of our key aims is to help build the knowledge that helps consumers make those choices. Our strategy Our strategy is built around three main pillars: Self-regulation: responsible commercial communication The promotion of responsible consumption is an important element in our alcohol policy. Any advertising, marketing or promotion for any of our brands must comply with the Rules for Responsible Commercial Communication. Our advertising must action Heineken N.V. Sustainability Report 2007

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