Foreword Contents Heineken is proud to be one of the world's leading independent brewers. We create value and enjoyment for millions of people by brewing, marketing and selling some of the highest quality beers available today. Our success comes with a wide range of responsibilities, to many specific stakeholder groups and to society in general. Meeting our responsibilities means more than simply stating our intentions - it also leads to action. We cannot solve every problem. Instead, we must focus our attention on areas where we can make the most significant positive impact. Selecting these areas and prioritising the issues we face are tough challenges, particularly because Heineken encourages its employees to be ambitious and to excel in everything they do. In no small part, this is why we have been a highly successful company for more than 140 years. However, we believe that any business that sets itself high ambitions must exercise absolute focus. This attitude is central to the way we manage every aspect of our business in Heineken. We start the process of prioritising our actions by recognising that some of our activities have an impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate. This impact can be both positive (for example our contribution to economic development) or negative (for example the abuse of our products or our consumption of scarce natural resources). At the same time, the business environment in which we operate has an impact on our company, for instance through regulatory frameworks and environmental permits. As a responsible business, determined to achieve long-term sustainability in our business processes, we manage our impacts because we believe that IFC Foreword 02 What we said - what we have done 04 Our targets and commitments for 2007 and beyond 05 About this report 07 Energy 07 General 09 Climate strategy 10 Thermal energy 11 Electricity 11 Ozone-layer depleting substances 12 Water 12 Water strategy 13 Performance 14 Safety 14 Safety in production 17 Safety data of production units 17 Safety of installations 19 Agriculture 19 Availability 20 Food safety in the supply chain 22 GMO 22 Environmental aspects 23 Supply chain responsibility 23 Activities in 2006 25 Planned activities in 2007 27 Responsible beer consumption 28 Alcohol and work 29 Commercial communication 30 Enjoy Heineken Responsibly 32 Impact on developing markets 32 Access to healthcare 34 Corporate citizenship 35 Employee rights 36 Local economic impact 38 Millennium Development Goals 40 Appendices 40 Appendix 1: Assurance Report KPMG Sustainability 42 Appendix 2: Reporting basis 46 Appendix 3: Environmental data on production units 48 Reference information

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