During 2006 we also developed internal and external reporting indicators on supply chain responsibility. In the future, we will report on this on the basis of the following indicators: Planned activities in 2007 In 2007, we will take steps to further implement the Supplier Code and to broaden its scope. We plan to: Total relevant purchasing spend covered by the Supplier Code - expressed as a percentage of purchasing spend The total percentage of suppliers who have responded to our compliance statement, indicating that they are compliant; the total percentage of suppliers who have responded to our compliance, indicating that they are not (yet) compliant; the total percentage of suppliers who have not responded to our compliance statement The number of audits completed during our reporting year, including results to date. Achieve a 100 percent response rate from all suppliers that were contacted by Group Purchasing in 2006 Integrate supply chain responsibility in the periodic quality audits and subject at least 20 percent of group suppliers to a quality audit Further integrate supply chain responsibility in the supplier assessment process Start the expansion of the Supplier Code to local contracts for raw material, packaging, promotional materials and investment goods from operating companies in our regions of Western Europe, Central Eastern Europe and Africa Middle East (to be completed in 2008) Define a process for integrating the Supplier Code in goods and services other than those mentioned above (for example, utilities, advertising, maintenance and repair work). makes the purest beer Helnekeri The purest-water Heineken N.V. Q (T Sustainability Report 2006 ^3

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