■p Jt -> - Supply chain responsibility Taking social and environmental considerations into account in our sourcing decisions reflects an important part of our global citizenship principles. Henk van Rooijen Group Purchasing Director 23 Activities in 2006 25 Planned activities in 2007 Buying goods and services is an important activity for any company. Quality, availability, price and timeliness of delivery must all be considered as part of the procurement process. Our Group Purchasing department purchases centrally a number of goods that are strategically important. These include raw materials (malt, hops and adjuncts), packaging, promotional items and investment material. In 2006, Group Purchasing bought raw material and packaging with a total value of over €1.5 billion. The department only contracts with approved suppliers (whose performance matches a number of wide-ranging criteria). Our Group Supply Chain department regularly audits the quality of all approved suppliers. The information included in this section has been compiled on the basis of data and background information available within Group Purchasing. It excludes activities by our operating companies. Data on the activities and performance of our operating companies with respect to supply chain responsibility can be found in the 2006 Sustainability Data Sheet on our corporate website. Activities in 2006 At the end of 2005, we adopted the Heineken Supplier Code, which is available on our corporate website. In line with the Code, we aim at sourcing products and services in a responsible manner by requiring our suppliers to operate in accordance with the principles as set out in our Supplier Code. In our previous Sustainability Report we stated our intention to start the implementation of the Supplier Code during 2006 with Group Purchasing, covering all contracts with group suppliers (i.e. all suppliers who supply goods to Group Purchasing). Heineken N.V. Q Q Sustainability Report 2006

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