71. Safety parameters and indicators Parameters Performance indicators Environmental reporting The purpose of environmental reporting is to clarify the environmental effects of producing malt, beer and soft drinks at our production locations. These effects include depletion of resources, emissions and nuisance. To measure the results achieved in these areas, Group Supply Chain has defined five key parameters for our breweries, maltings and soft-drink plants. Performance is measured in terms of production, expressed in hectolitres of beer or soft drinks or tonnes of malt, to facilitate comparison of the results. Environmental performance parameters The eco management system comprises of the following subjects: local environmental policy, environmental management system, legal compliance, violations of law, environmental fines, environmental complaints, environmental accidents, reliability of reporting. The greenhouse effect covers C02 and refrigerant emissions. The ozone layer depletion covers refrigerant losses (e.g. HCFCs), acidification covers NOx, SOx, and NH3 emissions, nutrification covers COD, nitrogen and phosphorus in waste water after treatment, where discharged into surface water. Waste management deals with the destination of our by-products and hazardous waste. Fatal accidents Own staff and contractors' personnel Accidents resulting Own staff in permanent disability Accidents resulting Own staff and contractors' in absence from work personnel Days absence Own staff, in calendar days Accident frequency Own staff, number of accidents resulting in absence from work per 100 full-time equivalents Accident severity Own staff, days absence from work per 100 full-time equivalents Thermal energy Consumption of thermal energy consumption in MJ (the corresponding C02 emission is derived from this figure using the Group Supply Chain tool) Electricity consumption Consumption of electrical energy in kWh (the corresponding C02 emission is derived from this figure using the WBCSD Protocol) Water consumption Water consumption in m Solid waste Non-recycled waste such as hazardous waste, waste water treatment sludge and industrial waste in kg Eco Care Indicator A new composite indicator covering 34 environmental parameters such as eco management, renewable energy use, global warming, ozone layer depletion, acidification, eutrophication, nutrification and waste management (expressed in of best practise) Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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