68. Appendix 2: Assurance Report, KPMG Sustainability (continued) and Assurance Standards Board. Amongst others this standard requires that: the assurance team members possess the specific knowledge, skills and professional competencies needed to understand and audit the information in the Report, and that they comply with the requirements of the IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants to ensure their independence. There are no generally accepted international standards for sustainability reporting. Heineken applies its own internal sustainability reporting criteria, derived from the Global Reporting Initiative, which are detailed at the Heineken website. What did we do to reach our conclusions? We performed the following assurance activities between February 2005 and April 2006: To determine whether the specified information is fairly stated, we: - reviewed and tested the systems used for generating, validating and aggregating the 2004 and 2005 data at corporate level; - assessed the qualitative information by interviewing staff and management, by reviewing the systems and processes used to collect the information, and by testing underlying documentation; - performed a media analysis and internet search on the selected issues, to obtain independent information and context for these issues in the reporting period. For the performance data for the key performance indicators we also: - visited 12 sites in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to assess the quality of the local data management systems and the reliability of the reported data for 2004 and/or 2005; - reviewed the changes in data management systems at 23 sites which had been visited over the past three years. During our investigation we discussed the necessary changes in the Report with Heineken and determined that these changes have been adequately incorporated in the final version. How should you read our conclusions? Environmental, health, safety and social performance data are subject to inherent limitations, given their nature and the methods used for measuring, calculating and estimating the data. It is important to view the information and the performance data for 2004 and 2005 and our conclusions related to these data in the context of the qualifications detailed in appendix 3 'Reporting process' on pages 70-72. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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