66. Appendix 1: Assurance assignment Heineken Assurance assignment Heineken We have asked KPMG Sustainability to assess specific information in our 2004-2005 Sustainability Report. This information concerns: - environmental (electricity, thermal energy and water consumption; direct C02 emissions; and non-recycled industrial waste); - safety (accident frequency); - alcohol (alcohol and work, responsible commercial communication, Enjoy Heineken Responsibly); - integrity (Code of Business Conduct, whistle- blowing procedure); - supply chain responsibility (Supplier Code); - data collection and reporting process. The scope of the assignment both concerned the reliability of the KPIs we use for these issues and for the explanation of the progress made. KPMG Sustainability was responsible for defining, planning and executing the assurance activities described in KPMG's Assurance Report on pages 67-69. We asked KPMG only to provide assurance on the selected environmental, safety and social information in our report. We decided to focus the assurance engagement on a limited number of issues as these issues reflect the core of our current corporate responsibility activities. Additionally, we have asked assurance on the information about our data collection and reporting process. KPMG was requested to engage in such activities that lead to the provision of reasonable assurance on whether the information given is fairly stated. Therefore the activities undertaken for the assurance were more extensive and involved a deeper investigation of these issues. The assurance process has helped us to improve the quality of internal data acquisition over the years. Compared with our previous report, we have further improved the accuracy of the reported data by performing on-site audits for both environmental and safety data, and information related to the Code of Business Conduct. We shall investigate with KPMG how internal audits can best contribute, as part of the validation and assurance process, to our endeavour to ensure that the information submitted by our operating companies and production units is complete and correct. As well as providing external stakeholders with independent assurance regarding the information presented in our published reports, the assurance process also plays an important internal role in helping to develop our sustainability policies, procedures and systems and in raising awareness of these issues. We will continue building sustainability into our business processes and improving the quality of information, including following up KPMG's recommendations in relation to our corporate and local reporting systems and processes. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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