61. In our Business Principles we have stated the following: "Heineken feels part of the communities in which it operates. It aims to make a valuable and sustainable contribution to local and global societies". We are convinced that by far our largest contribution to societies is the fact that we buy, produce, market and sell. In fact, on average 52 per cent of our purchasing is done locally. A uniform methodology to measure our economic impact will allow us to maximise our positive impact by giving us a clear insight into the economic (and where possible social) effects of our decisions - always viewed, of course, in the context of our role as a company with a remit to create shareholder value. A good example of this, is the fact that the positive economic impacts Heineken has on communities also means that our products become affordable for more people. During 2006 we will develop and test a methodology for measuring our economic impact. Where possible we will also include elements of social impact analysis in this methodology. Corporate citizenship Heineken is an active participant in the communities in which it operates. We are active in many areas where governments cannot perform all the services deemed normal in the Western world. In these areas the private sector is often called upon to help host governments, and the communities in which we operate, to fulfil their objectives. We do not undertake these activities in order to sell more of our products; we undertake them because we want to put something back into to the societies in which we operate. Our operating companies' activities as corporate citizens are important in helping them obtain and sustain their local license to operate, and there are other advantages too. For example, supporting a local school near a brewery benefits the community and also enables the children of our employees to receive a good education. Similarly, the construction of a local community centre adds to the coherence of the local community in which we operate. The construction of a sidewalk next to a supply road means that there are fewer accidents and our trucks have better access to the production site. Around the world, Heineken's operating companies are involved in a wide variety of community initiatives. This is only natural, given the range of different societies and cultures in which we operate and the different expectations that local stakeholders have of us. For this reason, we do not have a central policy governing corporate citizenship. It is the responsibility of individual operating companies to determine the level and scope of their corporate citizenship activities. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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