54. Chapter 4: The employees procedures in place to provide active protection for employees who are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment. Sixty nine per cent of our employees have access to a specific harassment grievance procedure. This has resulted in a total of 4 reported harassment cases in 2005. Heineken fully complies with the national and international standards for child labour. The lowest minimum working age reported in any Heineken production unit in 2005 was 15 years. Most operating companies set a minimum working age of 18 years. During the reporting period we have dealt with two incidents regarding employee rights. The first incident involved a number of dismissed employees who, claimed that they had been dismissed because of their ethnic background. An official, independent inquiry led by the national police force of the country in which the alleged ethnic dismissals took place concluded that there was no evidence to support these allegations. Consequently, the dismissals were upheld. The second incident concerned allegations that employees were pressurised not to join a certain trade union. This incident occurred in a recently acquired brewery; after intervention by local management, good relations were restored. While we believe that our track record regarding employee rights is good, both incidents highlighted the need to be more specific about what is required of local management and to make sure employees understand their rights more clearly. To this end, we have produced a series of drafts, stating Heineken's position on specific employee rights. In 2004 and 2005 a number of dialogue sessions with employee representatives took place under the umbrella of the European Works Council. These have provided valuable input and will help us to finalise our position on a number of employee rights. Our ambition is to do this before 31 December 2006. At the same time, we will develop an implementation framework, using self-assessment and risk inventory tools such as the Human Rights Compliance Assessment Tool to allow our operating companies to determine their own performance and assess where possible weaker spots are. The Heineken positions will then allow them to bring their performance in line with the standards set out by the company. It is our intention to start testing this implementation framework in 2006. In 2005 Heineken was approached by the leading Dutch trade union, FNV, to participate in an in- depth analysis of its employee rights performance in a number of countries. We have granted the researchers, responsible for the data collection, Yes No Employees are informed about developments within their company 100 0 Employees are consulted on developments 63 37 Employee satisfaction is measured on a systematic basis 60 40 Employee privacy is protected 92 8 Internal grievance procedure for labour relations exists 68 32 Employee informationPercentage of workforce Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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