49. introduction. Such efforts include the use of posters, articles in internal magazines and the distribution of leaflets. An important element of our alcohol and work policy in 2006 will be our employee alcohol- counselling programme. When absenteeism, a fall in the quality of work, or other indicators, make it apparent that an individual has alcohol- related problems, we will take action. In these circumstances treatment is offered. Over the past two years, several operating companies have launched new initiatives to refresh employees' knowledge of the health effects of alcohol. These include a road safety and alcohol- training programme carried out at a racetrack in North Italy as well as a discussion session to encourage employees in Sierra Leone and Nigeria to be good ambassadors for Heineken. Our operating company in Croatia, has also started relevant management training in this area. Safety Safety performance in production This chapter covers all of our production units (breweries, malting and soft-drink plants) except those referred to in appendix 3 (Reporting process). Heineken deeply regrets the death of two of our employees as the result of work-related accidents in 2005. One employee involved, died as the result of the injuries suffered during an accident in the brewhouse when he was burnt with hot wort during maintenance activities in our Egyptian production units in El Obour. A second employee was killed when he was hit by a truck on the premises of our brewery in Panama. In 2004, two employee disabilities were reported followed by another two in 2005. All four resulted from accidents at work. The accidents in 2004 (at Kaduna, Nigeria and Badr, Egypt) both occurred when the employees involved slipped. In 2005, one accident leading to disability happened in Awo-Omamma (Nigeria) where an employee lost a segment of his index finger when he was trapped in a pump. The second case, reported in Seville, Spain was the consequence of an accident that happened in 2004, when an employee broke a leg when he was hit by a waste container. The employee was declared disabled in 2005. Accuracy of accident reporting Following questions put by our external assurance provider concerning the robustness of our accident reporting system, we have carried out investigations into its accuracy and effectiveness. Most of our production units (49 per cent) work with an electronic registration system (Lotus Notes Incident Accident Database or Excel) while 37 per cent of our units still use a paper-based system. Accident frequency cases/100 FTE 2008 2007 2006 i 2005 I 2004 I 2003 I Actual Target I 2.3 I 2.7 I 3.0 I 3.2 I 3.5 Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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