Any company can buy the equipment and raw materials that we use, but that still wouldn't make them a successful brewing company. One of the key success factors for Heineken is the long-term commitment from its employees and the willingness to 'go the extra mile'. This commitment is rooted in a great sense of pride in our company and its brands. It is what we refer to as the green feeling. Like any other company, Heineken is in a continuous process of change caused by a continuous requirement to adapt to its business environment. One of our key objectives is to maintain this 'Heineken feeling' throughout these changes. We do this by developing and investing in the current and future leadership of the company, and by taking all our employees seriously and treating them with the respect they deserve. Frans van der Minne Group Human Resources Director Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

Jaarverslagen en Personeelsbladen Heineken

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