w V* 40. Chapter 3: The products (continued) CONT. 330 ml e On the basis of our testing activities, Heineken producing breweries participate in an internal Quality Award programme. Market surveys and regular sampling results form the basis of this award. This quality award programme encourages our breweries to make an extra effort to give the consumer an excellent product. Alcohol and society Throughout recorded history, consumption of alcoholic beverages has been widespread in many cultures around the world. In the earliest societies alcohol became integrated into mythology, religion, ritual culture and economy. Today, drinking alcoholic beverages is an accepted social activity in many societies. An ample body of research-based evidence suggests that, for most consumers, drinking beer responsibly contributes to a positive life style. At the same time Heineken recognises that irresponsible drinking may cause harm to the individual and to society. Irresponsible consumption is defined as drinking for the wrong reasons, at the wrong moments or drinking too much too often. One of the fundamental principles of Heineken's Alcohol Policy is that, whilst individuals are responsible for their own drinking behaviour, Heineken has a commitment to help consumers understand what responsible and irresponsible consumption means. In November 2004 Heineken announced the introduction of the 'Enjoy Heineken Responsibly' initiative. In time, back labels on Heineken bottles and cans will carry the message: 'Enjoy Heineken Responsibly', along with an invitation to visit a dedicated website where consumers can obtain more information on the effects of alcohol and an explanation of what responsible consumption means. To date, more than half of our operating companies have started to include the message and the link on the back labels of Heineken bottles and cans worldwide. The introduction of the 'Enjoy Heineken Responsibly' message takes place when the back labels due for replacement. Also secondary packaging like cartons and boxes will carry the message. The Amstel brand has already started implementing this initiative and after evaluation of the results, other brands are set to follow. j Heineken LAGER BEER ALC.5% VOL. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report I CONTAINS: WATER, WAITED 1 BARLEY, HOPS o WWW.HEINEKEN.IE O.G, 1044°- 1048° PROUD SPONSOR OF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PRODUCED IN HOLLAND FOR HEINEKEN IRELAND, WURPHY BREWERY, LEITRIW STREET, CORK, IRELAND DON'T LITTER, RECYCLE THIS BOTTLE v* NO DEPOSIT *7 i i mi I enjoyheinekenresponsibly.com J BEST BEFORE END:

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