At Heineken we aspire to achieve superior results that are sustainable over time. The ability of Heineken to sustain those results, depends on our ability to innovate across products, packaging and drinking occasions. Beer, a positive product Our beers are 100 per cent natural, and brewed with great care. We use fine raw materials, malting barley and hops, cultivate high-quality yeast and brew according to proven recipes and specifications. We think it is important to inform and educate our consumers about all aspects of our products and brands. In our experience consumers have many misconceptions about beer, especially in terms of its nutritional value and calorie content. A lot of people actually think that beer is fattening and unhealthy. But these perceptions are not in line with reality. In fact, the caloric value of beer is comparable with, or less than, other beverages. Beer is also rich in proteins and contains some important vitamins. Scientific research shows that if it is consumed in moderation beer provides the same health benefits as wine. There is strong evidence that moderate drinkers above age 40 have, as a group, substantially reduced risk of heart attack and drinking beer does not make you fat if it is consumed in moderate amounts. There are also other potential benefits related to the natural ingredients of beer. The malted barley, hops and water contribute to a healthy, balanced diet and provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Health is an important theme for governments, health organisations and consumers. In order to enable consumers to make the right choices, we think it is important to provide a complete and balanced view about both the alcoholic content and nutritional aspects of beer. Through our Enjoy Heineken Responsibly programme (see page 40) we provide consumers with information about alcohol. We are currently looking into ways that we can inform consumers about the nutritional aspects of beer as well. Brand and portfolio management The Heineken brand is the world's most international beer brand, currently available in more than 170 countries. It is also the world's favourite beer brand in the top international premium segment. The Heineken brand's international profile and position is developed, supported and safeguarded by the Heineken Brand Team - part of our Group Commerce department. The volume of the Heineken brand accounts for about 20 per cent of our total Group volume. The Amstel brand is Europe's third-largest brand, available in more than 90 countries. With its own taste characteristics and distinctive positioning compared to the Heineken brand, it attracts many loyal customers and consumers. The Amstel brand is positioned at the top-end of the mainstream Talking to teens Parents have a powerful influence on the attitudes and behaviour of their children. Talking to Teens: Underage Drinking is the first in a series of educational booklets written by medical experts and published by the Health Alliance on Alcohol to help parents discuss alcohol abuse and underage drinking with their children. It is available on the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly website but is also distributed by industry partners who take it into their local communities and hospitals that make it available in their waiting rooms. The idea is to give parents the best information available and the right mindset to discuss the use and misuse of alcohol with their children. The booklet is divided into two main sections: facts and conversations. The first section outlines the basic information and statistics behind alcohol consumption, its effects on the body and its medical implications. The second half takes these facts and applies them to conversational guidelines for parents with children of different age groups; early, middle and late adolescence. "This booklet has really put the issue on the map," says Suzanne Cosgrove, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Heineken USA. "We've received many positive compliments from industry partners and trade partners, employees, government representatives and most importantly, parents, who have told us they find this information is extremely useful." Suzanne Cosgrove, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Heineken USA. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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