33. Supply chain responsibility is not new to our company: certain environmental and social considerations have been part of our operating companies' criteria for many years. Over the past two years, we have worked hard to define a coherent and consistent approach towards supply chain responsibility, and to be able to create a framework that in our opinion meets stakeholder requirements while also taking into account legal constraints and other purchasing realities. Our own Business Principles are central to this framework. We state our principles on business integrity, human rights and environmental care explicitly and expect our suppliers to help us fulfil our commitments by reflecting similar principles in their own business practices. We further encourage them to comply with internationally recognised standards on business conduct, human rights and the environment with due consideration to the Heineken values and principles. In practice, we will focus on cooperation to achieve our goals, rather than termination of contracts in instances of non-compliance although we will always reserve the right to take this ultimate course of action. We believe this approach goes much further towards creating a positive impact for a well-guided improvement programme than simply telling suppliers they no longer qualify to do business with us. Full implementation of our Supplier Code at our major central suppliers and major operating companies is estimated to take around two years. In 2006, we will develop material for our Group purchasers who will all be trained to incorporate the Supplier Code into business discussions. We expect that by early 2007 we will have more knowledge about the practicalities of the Supplier Code with our major central suppliers and improvement actions taken or to be undertaken and are and will be in a position to decide on the further roll-out of our activities In 2006, we will also develop effective reporting indicators to allow our stakeholders to follow our progress in tackling this important issue. a Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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