The bar chart below shows the average Eco Care Indicator scores per region and subject. The results of the Eco Care Indicator are used for internal benchmarking, demonstrating the relative score of our production units on environmental sustainability and showing how their performance can be improved. Sustainable farming In our ten-year vision for raw materials use, we have stated the objective that a large part of our raw materials should be grown in a sustainable manner. After having exchanged ideas with various stakeholders (amongst others some leading NGOs in this area) about a possible approach, we have drawn up a concrete plan. This plan covers a three- year period 2003 - 2005 to carry out research into the practical opportunities offered by sustainable barley farming; to be followed up by periods devoted to scaling-up and implementation. This project refers to 'sustainable barley farming' and not 'sustainable barley' because it is impossible to regard barley as a separate crop in a system of crop rotation on the same soil. With the enthusiastic participation of 10 barley farmers and a number of advisers, Heineken has developed a system that allows measurements to be made on the basis of internationally accepted sustainability indicators. The results provide a means for control and development of sustainable agriculture at individual farms. The situation at the farms at the start of the project in 2003 has been determined through a zero measurement, while the direction of control for the various indicators has been determined together with the farmers so as to create a more sustainable situation. In 2004, a plan was drafted and implemented by all participating barley farmers to move towards sustainability. Measurements made in the course of 2004 revealed possible effects, which, after evaluation, have been added to the sustainability plan drafted and implemented in 2005. The participating growers were supplied with any information considered necessary to enable them to develop their farms along the road towards sustainability. The farmers' autonomy has been fully respected throughout the process. The participating barley farmers have familiarised themselves with the concept of sustainability. The third year was crucial in terms of key decision making and adjustment of business operations. During this year, plans were finalised in detail (soil management, product value and crop protection), and all farmers extended their cropping plans to increase sustainability. The first calculations show that more than half of the farms will remain at least at the same level of income when using a sustainable cropping plan. Eco Care Indicator average score per region 100 Total score on Eco Care 1. Eco Management score 2. Renewable energy score 3. Air emissions score 4. Water and waste 5. Residual materials water score score World Western Europe 1 Central Eastern Europe Americas Africa Middle East Asia-Pacific Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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