Contents Foreword 1 FC Foreword 02 Countries and brands 06 What we said - what we have done 08 Fleineken values and principles 11 About this report 12 Chapter 1: The company 14 Profile 14 Governance 15 Dialogue with stakeholders 16 Case study: Implementation of the Code of Conduct 18 Integrity 22 Chapter 2: The brewer 24 Case study: Save your energy 25 Total Productive Management 26 Environmental performance 32 Supply chain responsibility 34 Chapter 3: The products 36 Case study: Encouraging responsible drinking in the USA 37 Beer, a positive product 37 Brand and portfolio management 38 Quality assurance 40 Alcohol and society 44 Chapter 4: The employees 46 Case study: English courses at Dinal 47 Health 49 Safety 51 Employee engagement 52 Employee rights 55 Training and career development 56 Chapter 5: The society 58 Case study: Sorghum growing in Sierra Leone 59 Millennium Development Goals 60 Economic and social impact 61 Corporate citizenship 62 Base of the pyramid 64 Appendices 66 Appendix 1: Assurance assignment Heineken 67 Appendix 2: Assurance report, KPMG Sustainability 70 Appendix 3: Reporting process 73 Appendix 4: GRI table 75 Appendix 5: Operating companies 78 Appendix 6: Environmental performance 80 Reference information Jean-Frangois van Boxmeer Chairman Executive Board CEO Our perspective It gives me great pleasure to present our new Sustainability Report on behalf of Heineken N.V. and the Heineken Group of companies (together 'Heineken'). Since our company was founded over 140 years ago, Heineken has always believed in the fundamental concept of sustainable growth and has always recognised that we need support from all our stakeholders, both at a global and local level, to achieve our business objectives and meet our obligations as a responsible corporate citizen. After twenty years with Heineken, I am still proud to be part of our company. Having worked for operating companies in the so-called third, second and first world, I have experienced many different social and environmental challenges arising from different cultures, countries at different stages of development and the threats and opportunities presented to the private sector. I have also had first-hand experience of our employees' extraordinary ability to meet these challenges successfully. For this reason, I believe our Sustainability Report is, above all else, a tribute to the efforts of all our employees and a tribute to the value of embedding the idea of sustainability within our business. We cannot attribute our successes Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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