Z| X 15. comprising a number of leading Group Directors and two Regional Presidents. This Board is chaired by our CEO. It works to: encourage cross-fertilisation between Group departments on responsibility issues; identify CSR aspects in Group departments' activities and policies; advise the Executive Board on priorities, content and approach of policies; determine the level of involvement of Group departments in the CSR policy process; monitor the coherence and consistency of CSR policies and practices; review results. At the operational level, our Group Corporate Relations Director holds final responsibility for our corporate responsibility agenda, which is managed and executed on a day-to-day basis by our Corporate Affairs and Corporate Relations teams. The diagram below summarises our governance structure. The CSR Advisory Board's most important task is to define the main areas of focus for our corporate responsibility agenda and developing interventions that will lead to improved company performance in these areas. Measuring, benchmarking and stakeholder dialogue all help the CSR Advisory Board determine our priorities. Policies and other interventions are implemented in our operations and their impact is measured and analysed. To assess their effectiveness, the CSR Advisory Board works closely with Group Internal Audit. The diagram below summarises our CSR planning cycle. Our governance process enables us to respond coherently at our corporate centre to real concerns raised by our stakeholders, taking into account the opinions of all relevant departments and operating companies. The process also allows us to embed corporate responsibility initiatives in our Group functional agenda. Dialogue with stakeholders In 2002, Nyenrode Business University carried out an extensive study of stakeholder opinions, questioning internal and external stakeholders about their perceptions and expectations on a number of important issues, including environmental management, alcohol, integrity and human rights. The results of this study formed the basis for the CSR agenda we set for 2003-2005. -©- -©- 35 Corporate Governance structure Summary Executive Board Group Corporate Relations CSR Advisory board Corporate affairs Group departments Operations CSR Planning cycle Summary Stakeholder dialogue Benchmarks and legal requirements 1 1 Strategic priority setting Three year plan Internal CSR measurements intervention cycle Opco implementation Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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