11. Compliance It is everybody's individual responsibility to give a correct interpretation of these principles. Communication, the development of tools, individual advising and monitoring are Heineken's responsibilities. The Executive Board, Regional Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Group Directors and (local) Management Teams have a specific responsibility, which is amongst others, expressed by exemplary behaviour and by initiating and assessing activities. No employee will suffer negative consequences of bringing a breach or suspected breach of these principles to the attention of a senior manager. About this report This report is compiled using information sourced through our financial, environmental and social data systems. An overview of the scope of these three systems and their consolidation criteria can be found in appendix 5. In this publication we report on the corporate responsibility priorities that we - as a Group - have set for our operations. We focus on Heineken's performance relating to five specific roles that we perform: a publicly owned company, a brewer, a marketer of products, an employer and a corporate citizen. The information in this report complements the (financial and governance) information in our Annual Report. As part of our shift in focus towards the five roles defined above, we have altered the way information in this report is grouped when compared with our previous Sustainability Report, in which we reported on our economic, environmental and social performance. We are convinced that the new structure helps to make the information in this report more accessible and understandable. Another new feature in the report is the use of 'zooms' or detailed accounts of areas that we have identified as core priorities, or that we know are of special interest to our stakeholders. This is why the printed report only contains a proportion of our sustainability performance data. A complete overview covering all financial, environmental and social performance data (covering both core and non-core issues) is available on our website www.heinekeninternational.com/responsibility. Dialogue is the basis on which we believe we will achieve better and more relevant steps forward within the CSR arena. This report is designed to provide an overview of our recent achievements and future plans and we intend to use it as the basis for further dialogue with stakeholders. So, if you have any remarks or suggestions about its content or our wider sustainability programme, please contact us. Email to: responsibility@heineken.com or write to: Heineken International Group Corporate Relations PO Box 28 1000 AA Amsterdam The Netherlands We have asked our external assurance provider, KPMG Sustainability, to focus their attention on the reliability of the key performance indicators for our core programmes (environment, safety, alcohol, business conduct and supply-chain responsibility) covered in this report. This implies that not all of the content of this report falls within the scope of the assignment given to KPMG. The KPMG Sustainability statement describes their assurance activities in greater detail. Both our assignment to KPMG Sustainability and their statement can be found in appendix 2. Heineken N.V. - 2004/2005 Sustainability Report

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