Q Preface CHAPTER Quality is the key to Heineken's success. Quality is the yardstick for our products, our financial results, the conditions in which our people work and the contribution we seek to make to society. A healthy business cannot be sustained without concern for people and the environment. This vision underpins our position in the communities of all the countries in which we have a presence. Several years ago, we started work on our responsibility manage ment programme, through which we intend to anchor our vision structurally in all areas and at all levels within the organisation. Further details of this programme can be found on pages 22-25. Dialogue-with employees, consumers, people living close to our breweries, shareholders, governmental and non-governmental organisations and others- is an essential element of responsibility management. The purpose of this report, which performs a function as part of that dialogue, is to show how we fulfill our social responsibilities and the results we have achieved. The scope of the report has been expanded in two respects compared with our first environmental report, which was published in 2000: environmental coverage has been extended beyond Europe to include Heineken companies all round the world and the report now includes safety (in Europe) and health (in Africa). We plan to extend the safety and health coverage of the report to include other regions in 2004. We also intend to present the initial results of our responsibility management programme at that time. Flaving formalised Heineken's environmental policy in iggg, we defined our policy on safety and health in 2001. Our integrated safety, health and environmental policy statement can be found on the back cover of this report. Transparency and accountability are essential to the dialogue we need to conduct if we are to optimise our efforts and achieve the targets we have set. We have taken note of the response to our previous environment report and look forward to receiving your reactions to this edition. The Executive Board of Heineken N.V. July 2002 HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 4

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