Health Curing and caring in Africa UPDATE Occupational and public health developments within Heineken in 2002 Because public health provision is often limited, Heineken provides both curative and preventive health care for its employees and their families on the African continent. Progress in public health care, the health aspects of occupational health and safety and the background of our approach are summarised below. The major aims of the occupational health and safety programme for Heineken are: Health protection: to protect employees, contractor personnel and others from health hazards associated with work and the working environment. Health promotion: to promote activities which are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle and to encourage avoidance of health risks. Health prediction: to predict the long-term effects of the above hazards on employees' health and to illustrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Continuous improvement in the implementation of CHIP (Continuous Health Improvement Programme). Progress was achieved in the pilot study at the Bralima Brewery in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), which was discussed in the context of the health- management system described in our 2000-2001 SHE report, in the following areas: Analysis and assessment General and department-level health hazard analysis and assessment Introduction of standardised incident and accident recording in a database Management and control Safety engineers and coordinator appointed, with line responsibility within the technical discipline Introduction of personal protective equipment management system Information and training Health and safety workshop for all department heads, highlighting their responsibilities Health and safety training module Audit and review Introduction of regular shop floor visits by the safety coordinator and medical adviser Reviews by appointed SHE Committee members HEINEKEN REPORT SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT UPDATE 2002

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