Heineken company safety, health and environmental policy statement Heineken acknowledges its corporate responsibility for safety, health and the environment, as expressed in the policy set out below. Safety, health and envi ronmental aspects are an integral element of our business. Local legislation and regulations based thereon relating to safety, health and the environment will be complied with at all times. Where such regulations do not (yet) exist, the company will take its own responsibility based on good Corporate Citizenship, and will set its standards accordingly. These standards will be appropriate to the nature, scale and impact of its activities and products. The manufacturing of our products will take place by means of processes with efficient use of the required raw materials, water and energy. Continuous attention will be paid to the avoidance of and reduction of waste, nuisance and pollution. Safety and health is a joint responsibility of employer and employee. The Heineken company ensures that all employees are adequately trained in health and safety issues in an appropriate manner to their function. The employees are responsible for healthy and safe behaviour. Continuous improvement will be pursued in our handling of safety, health and environmental issues. Heineken takes a supply- chain approach to these issues, covering all stages from procurement of mate rials and services, through the company's own operations, to distribution and consumption. Implementation of the company safety, health and environmental policy statement will further be ensured by assigning responsibilities at every management level and installing appropriate checking procedures. A key instru ment will be the annual review of objectives and targets in the safety, health and environmental paragraph in the operational plan of each operating company. The result of our efforts related to the company safety, health and environmental policy statement will be communicated to all employees and made available to the public via a company safety, health and environment report. December 2001

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