BASIS OF REPORTING defined four parameters which must be reported at local level, to serve as the basis for measuring the results achieved by each production unit of our breweries, maltings and soft-drink plants. These results are expressed in two performance indicators. Safety parameters and indicators Parameters Fatal accidents own staff and contractors' personnel Accidents resulting in disability own staff Lost day cases own staff and contractors' personnel Lost days own staff, in calendar days Performance indicators Accident frequency own staff, number of accidents resulting in lost days per 100 full-time equivalents Accident severity own staff, lost days perioo full-time equivalents Traffic accidents involving employees travelling on Heineken's behalf are also included in the reported figures. Accidents travelling to or from work are not included, unless required by law, as is the case in some countries. Environmental reporting The purpose of environmental reporting is to clarify the environmental effects of producing malt, beer and soft drinks at our production locations. These effects include depletion of resources, atmospheric emissions, discharge of treated and untreated waste water, waste disposal and nuisance. To measure the results achieved in these areas, Corporate Production has defined a number of parameters for our breweries, maltings and soft-drink plants. Performance is measured in terms of production, expressed in hectolitres of beer or soft drinks or tonnes of malt, to facilitate compari son of the results. 51

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