VERIFICATION REPORT BY KPMG SUSTAINABILITY Resu Its of procedures Based on the procedures performed, we reached the following conclusions, which should performed be read in conjunction with the limitations explained in Annex 2: 1 The internal reporting system and internal controls at corporate level provide a sound basis for collecting, reviewing and aggregating the environmental performance data from the production sites listed in Annexes 5 and 6. For safety data the reporting systems and validation procedures are in an early stage of implementation and need to be further developed. 2 The 2000 and 2001 environmental and safety performance data reported in Annexes 3 and 4 and related graphs on pages 28 to 40 in chapter 6 of the SHE Report have been correctly aggregated from the environmental and safety reports of the individual production sites. For safety data the application of the aggregation procedures needs to be further secured. 3 The visits to the selected production sites resulted in a number of revisions to the reported performance data. After these revisions, nothing came to our attention that the selected 2001 performance data reported by these individual sites, contain material misstatements. Heineken has decided not to revise the 2000 performance data, but to indicate in the text of the SHE Report where errors in 2000 data influence the data trend. 4 The safety, health and environment information in the text of SHE Report 2000-2001 is supported by underlying documentation at corporate level. Additional comments We consider the extension of the SHE Report 2000-2001 to cover Heineken's global production locations for the environmental data and the start made with reporting health and safety information as major steps forward in their public reporting. Also, we are pleased that Heineken has started communicating how they respond to their social responsibility by presenting the responsibility management programme. Heineken has planned to extend health and safety reporting to the other geographical regions in the next report. We have recommended to Heineken to further extend health and safety reporting to cover non-production activities and to provide more details in the next report on related safety, health and environment issues in the supply chain. KPMG Business Advisory Services B. V. Amsterdam, 28 June 2002 49

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