RESULTS 2001 A storage tank for surplus yeast exploded at the brewery in Marseilles (France), causing only material damage. The Zoeterwoude (Netherlands) brewery twice exceeded the statutory limits for treated waste-water quality, due in part to problems with the anaerobic reactor at the treat ment plant. These incidents were reported to the local authority. There was a fracture in the line carrying waste water from our 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) brewery to the off-site treatment plant. The emergency procedure came into play immediately: a temporary repair was made to the pipe and the existing buffer capacity was used to store the waste water. Arrangements were then made with the water authority to deliver the waste water direct to the municipal treatment plant until a permanent repair could be effected. A quantity of boiler fuel was released into the waste-water stream as a result of a defective valve at our plant in Athens (Greece). The contaminated water was intercept ed by the on-site treatment plant and the incident caused no environmental damage. The prescribed limits for treated waste-water quality were exceeded in Indonesia and the competent local authority was notified. 6.11 Preview As mentioned above, we have set ourselves a number of targets for the period 2002- 2003 which are consistent with our striving for continuous improvement of our safety, health and environmental policy. We plan to extend our safety policy to regions outside Europe and to apply the experience we have gained with our health policy in Africa to other regions. We also intend to launch an energy-efficiency improvement programme, based on the lessons we have learned from the Aware of Water programme. We shall of course be reporting on activities within the framework of our responsibility management programme, which will address a number of socially relevant issues, supported by dialogue with stakeholders. One of the practical results of this program me will be the development of sustainability indicators for malting barley production. HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 46

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