Through responsibility management, we aim to put the Heineken Values Principles into practice, so that they can serve as a guide for the conduct of all our companies and employees. Ultimately, what matters is what we do, not what we think. Our responsibility management programme seeks to respect the signifi cant cultural differences between the countries in which we operate. At the local level, we are engaging in dialogue with staff and external stakeholders, to translate the Heineken Values Principles into proce dures and activities which are appropriate to local requirements, laws and cultures. The first group of local management teams will commence work in 2002 and the last in 2004. However, because societies are constantly changing, this work will not end after 2004. We are aware at all times that we must continue to learn from our experience and from the views of our stakeholders. Responsibility management is a con tinuous process, in which ongoing dialogue with internal and external stakeholders will help refine the objectives and possibly extend the scope in future. ALCOHOL CHILD LABOUR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT COMPETITION CONFLICTS OF INTEREST CORRUPTION DEALING WITH CULTURAL DIVERSITY EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION ENVIRONMENT EQUAL RIGHTS AND OPPORTUNITIES GIFTS HUMAN RIGHTS NON-DISCRIMINATION SAFETY AND HEALTH SEXUAL HARASSMENT SkBüé 2U* m n. m mJH! m<m. A LEARNING COMPANY HEINEKEN RESPONSIBILITY MANAGEMENT Responsibility management The themes of the responsibility management programme W' W .4L, iving guidance to employees o ensure that they under- tand competition laws and ct in compliance with them. orruption eineken believes that corrup- ion must be eliminated from ociety. It will maintain ppropriate policies and rogrammes aimed at educing and avoiding orruption. Environmental Issues Heineken aims to exercise due care with respect to the environment. It will pay specific attention to the consumption of raw materials, water, energy and other resources within its processes, as well as minimising waste emissions to the environment. Compliance It is everybody's individual responsibility to give a correct interpretation to these principles. Communication, the development of tools, individual advising and monitoring are Heineken's responsibilities. The Executive Board, General Managers, Cluster Directors, Corporate Directors and local Management Teams have a specific responsibility, which is amongst others, expressed by exemplary behaviour and by initiating and assessing activities. No employee will suffer nega tive consequences of bringing a breach or suspected breach of these principles to the attention of a senior manager. 25

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