maintain a medical policy aimed at providing access to medical services for its employees and their families. Heineken will keep in place a policy that is aimed at the development of skills in line with the natural talents of its employees. For the appoint ment or career prospects af employees, Heineken will aay attention only to the suitability of the candidate ^education, personality, skills, working experience) and his or her legitimate demands. Heineken will base its decisions regarding (future) employees solely on the basis of objective criteria. It respects reasonable person al convictions or qualities of (future) employees. Heineken supports fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business within society. It secures the human rights of its employees within its facil- Conflicts of Interest ities. In the case of external Heineken expects it employ- violations of the human rights ees to avoid conflicts betwee of its employees, Heineken will business and private interest provide assistance to its best as well as the acceptance or abilities. Heineken believes donation of personal gifts th; that children should be able to could influence the integrity play and learn. This means of business decisions, that Heineken will not employ children within its facilities. Competition Heineken will develop pro- Heineken believes in the grammes to eliminate the principle of fair competition, employment of children by its It will keep in place policies business partners. and programmes aimed at HEINEKEN REPORT 2000-2001 SAFETY, HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 24

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